Up for Air, briefly

I’ve just completed my ninth teaching day in my new job. As it has been two years and two terms since my last teaching gig, I have felt every hour of it.

The first nervous drive to work, the fretting about where I might sit in the staff room (I’m kidding, I’m not that shy) and all the energy that went into those first few moments with each of my five new classes has certainly sorted out much of the insomnia I have been experiencing since the Canterbury quakes began.

But it’s soooooooo much fun. My colleagues couldn’t be more welcoming, or witty, and the students have impressed with how readily they smile and their care for success. As with any new role, I’m seeing ideas and strategies and innovations and ways of doing things in the school that are refreshing and exciting.

So far what I have been delivering has been bread and butter stuff. The key goal was to get to know the students and where they are as individual learners (haven’t even scratched the surface) and aim to reach the end of the year with success. The names! All those Ellas and Bellas and Jaimes and James.

There is a degree of scrambling in lesson delivery; there are wide reading, connections across texts and other threads to try and grab tidily and we are hurtling towards school exams in Week 5. I’m still a way from finding my educator stride.

All told though the on ramp has been smooth enough till now. And the sleep is delicious.


3 thoughts on “Up for Air, briefly

  1. Hi there,
    What a wonderful, wonderful post to read! I can feel your journey. I love the focus on getting to know the learner. To me, there is nothing more important. Good luck with the race towards the week five exams, but take time to enjoy the weekends! I know how all consuming teaching is! I have been out of the class for 18 months now, working as an education facilitator, and I really miss the kids. Enjoy the MAGIC you will create everyday in the lives of the learners!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Anne K


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