Hurtling along now!

A permanent gig in a new school was what the new year brought me. And the additional challenge of teaching International Baccalaureate. So, if the title of my blog (On Ramp) came from a phrase to describe women returning to full time paid employment after having children, six months later we are well and truly racing along the motorway.

I haven’t posted as much as I meant to – best laid plans and all that – but, like you all, I’ve been busy.

Summer was spent reading blogs, and two were particularly impressive. Aimee Sibson’s and the incredible Unseen Flirtation blog. Recommend the first to all who work in GAFE schools … she blogs brilliantly about what is tried and tested, not what might be, and I love that. And Unseen Flirtations is for all English teachers. The man is very generous and creative. Get to his page and have a good look around. Especially read about his alter-ego Poetry Man. Oh how lucky his students must be!

I wonder how many teacher blog accounts there are in the world that lie dormant after just a few entries. As mine has.

So what held me back? Reading and listening to the constant and generous stream of others from around NZ and the world. Not to mention the daily PD that came from chatting with colleagues face to face.

Time to work towards regular blogs (oh you amazing 28 days of writing peeps! In awe of you!) which reflect specifically on my classroom practices.

The return to the classroom is helter skelter! I’m enjoying the ride!!



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