There’s an app for that!

Apps for this and apps for that are becoming a way of life now. Whenever I hear the phrase, ‘There’s an app for that!’ I think of the cartoon by Gisli Gudjonsson on the passing of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, in 2011.

I’ve found myself saying similar after learning about Scannable by Evernote.  It has been a life changing wee addition to my home screen.

iOS only at the moment – the Android version is on its way – this app allows you to create fast, high quality PDFs from your phone or iPad without clogging up your camera roll. In an education environment this is an extremely handy app to have available.

It is ready to scan as soon as you open it. The app happily scans any document (including pages from bound books) you choose for it.   It’s fast! The speed it will record is only limited by the speed with which you can turn a page.  You simply send your new electronic doc (however many pages in length this might be) via email, messages, airdrop, or iCloud drive and, of course, straight to Evernote. You don’t need to be an Evernote user to have this app.

Uses for teachers are endless – all those paper documents created in a distant past can easily be transformed into sharable electronic versions,  and no need to lug that book to the photocopier just to scan that one pertinent extract for your teaching programme.

Some girls in my classes have downloaded it and are able to move paper handouts to electronic storage if it suits them better, or quickly scan
missed classwork from classmates … and so on.

And it is free.  Completely free.

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