Settling on Sites

After a three term search for a digital ‘teacher planbook’, I have now moved to Google sites. Up until now, I’ve been everywhere, man!

There were three or four apps, the names of which I cannot remember (except for Planboard), and an attempt to use Google Presentations as daily lesson records.

Then there was a somewhat more successful use of Google sheets to create a term planner, and a weekly planner, which linked out to various Drive contents including mark books (again, google sheets). This worked well, but was a little all over the place for easy management. It seemed like I was hyperlinking in never ending loops!

And, with each different method I explored, I kept going back to my paper planner (patchy as that makes the paper planner now look).

Then on Good Friday, early in the morning because what use is insomnia unless it hits when you CAN actually sleep in, I decided to try Google sites. Less than an hour later I had a plan book structure that I really liked. It was so easy to create.

Some screen shots are below. Would love to see other examples of teacher planbooks on Google Sites if you have any to share.



ABOVE: Landing page for each class has link to Google Drive folder for that class


ABOVE: Home page includes live calendar, which has my timetable, some personal entries and a subscription to the school calendar.


Above is an example of period by period planning. I’m still working through the best way to format this for me and I need to ‘polish’ the plans so no judging, folks! Not adding dates to the lessons is deliberate – recycling lessons/units, or moving plans should be easier this way. Links are there to the documents which need to be printed or shared electronically with my students. Each class has a markbook created using Google Sheets. 

Using sites is intuitive and, once the structure is in place, adding the detail is quick. It’ll be a work in progress but feels like the right planning approach for me.